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After School Activities

Principal Bianca Jaguar Can't Resist Black Cock

The lure of big Black cock is a force that even the most focused and dedicated professional woman can't deny these days. Once a white woman knows about big Black cock she is willing to risk everything for it.

Bianca Jaguar is a very attractive high school principal. One day early in the morning before class she saw Bishop Delonte fucking a teacher right in the classroom. She couldn't believe what she was saw. She didn't confront the two because she couldn't help herself from being turned on. All day she thought about getting fucked by Bishop's big Black cock just like that teacher. The taboo of getting fucked by a student got her pussy so soaking wet that she had to change her panties. Finally at the end of the day she couldn't help herself and decided to punish Bishop for the morning incident in her own unique way.

Bianca discreetly invited Bishop to come over to her place after school. Now she knows that it's wrong to fuck one her students. She knows she could lose her job, even jeopardize her career. But once Bishop gets his big Black cock buried so deep in her hungry white pussy she won't care. All that matters is the deep, mind shattering pleasure she feels when he's pounding her hard and making her cum over and over again.

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